We manage the Budget
you the decisions

Make informed decisions and achieve financial peace of mind. Keep your income and expenses under control and experience a brighter financial future.

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Real-time visibility

Have real-time visibility of your projects. We update all accounting movements within the budget and provide you with real-time status. As trades are made, your balances are automatically updated, giving you immediate information about your available funds. This allows you to make informed decisions.

Real time data


Track your financial movements effortlessly. Your transactions are automatically imported for accurate records. You also have the option to manually add income or expenses when necessary. You will be able to have a general overview of the financial situation and easily manage your projects, departments, indicators, etc. We guarantee hassle-free follow-up.

Budget tracking

Expense control

Simplify expense tracking. We can activate artificial intelligence to detect unplanned movements or unverified payments and generate a report, this makes it easier to identify uncontrolled expenses. You'll be able to streamline expense management by having a comprehensive view of your expected and unforeseen financial obligations, allowing you to plan and budget with ease.

Tracking and controlling expenses

Decision Making

Through Power BI dashboards and data analysis procedures. You will be able to evaluate and measure expenses with confidence and thus make informed decisions for better financial management. We guarantee that you can evaluate the information with confidence since you will be able to easily see the origin of the calculated or graphed data, and you will also have options to make custom filters and queries.

Informed decision

What we offer

Constant updating of data and monitoring of the budget, we ensure that the update process is completed on the scheduled date.

Managing budgets for a person or organization can be a repetitive and tedious task, and many times there are delays in updating data, or not being able to access specific information because it is not available or you depend on another person to do so. get it.

We reduce these inconveniences and manage the budget for you. We provide a service for people and companies which will allow them to keep their finances in shape, improve decision making and access accurate information.

Together we design your budgets and configure it in a web tool in which different users can have access.

After passing this stage, we designed and built the Power BI dashboards necessary for monitoring and control.

Availability at all times to consult the budgets from the tools that we will provide you.

Automatic Reports

We provide the option to generate automatic reports which can be configured to be sent to individuals or to publish results periodically. People within your organization can receive the information they need at the established time.


We configure alerts so that the system automatically identifies certain parameters or movements and generates reports or warning messages to prevent capital leaks or the making of poor decisions.

Multiple Budgets

After configuring all parameters, accounts, groups, projects, you can create as many budgets as you need, and we take care of the graphics and data updates.

Annual subscription for budget management service



Design and construction

Power BI Dashboards

Web Platform

Constant data update

Cancel anytime

Unlimited queries

Integration with other platforms

24 hour access