Asset status diagnosis

Our system is specially designed for financial advisors, offering a comprehensive solution in the management and evaluation of client assets. With our tool, you will be able to efficiently manage diverse assets such as properties, investments, vehicles, businesses, among others.


The system has a repository of questions and answers which, when conducting an interview with the client, can be selected and thus form the diagnosis.

Questions DSP

Patrimonial Detail

You can keep a history of the client's assets and generate a consolidated one, to evaluate growth and improve decision making.

Consolidated Assets
  • Income Sources
  • Expense Origins
  • Insurance
  • Bank Accounts
  • Anonymous Companies
  • Private Interest Foundations
  • Operational Businesses
  • Stocks
  • Properties

The system not only simplifies asset management, but also enriches the decision-making process with detailed, automatically generated analytical reports. These reports provide valuable insights, allowing advisors to offer more accurate and personalized recommendations to their clients.


Short, medium and long-term objectives, as well as the consultant's recommendations, can be recorded in the system. Each client can have different diagnoses that will allow the manager to maintain orderly management of the client's information.

Patrimonial advisor

Financial calculator

The platform has a compound interest calculator which is used to carry out an equity thesis, the information and graphs generated in the calculator are printed in the report.

Compound Interest Calculator


The system generates a report that can be saved in PDF, Excel or Word. Additionally, you have an option to edit the report content.

Asset Status Report


It has an API service, which allows you to integrate with other tools, either to obtain or share information with other applications, it also allows you to schedule alerts, tasks and connect it with dashboards in Power BI.

Integration - Diagnosis of Asset Status

Our focus is on maximizing efficiency, improving the accuracy of wealth assessments, and enriching the advisor-client relationship with relevant and up-to-date information. Ideal for professionals looking to optimize their time and resources, our system represents the cutting edge in wealth management and financial analysis.