Management and control of work permits

Thacti-ka APP

Efficiently manage work permits through an APP designed to maximize productivity and ensure compliance, the application is an indispensable tool for teams that wish to digitalize the work permit approval process.


Start each task with clarity. Choose from a wide range of predefined procedures, suitable for a variety of work scenarios, ensuring every team has the right instructions from the start.

Lista de permisos de trabajo

Customizable checklists

The system manages configurable checklists, associated with each procedure, which adapt to different specific needs. Establishes detailed parameters to ensure all tasks are performed to the highest quality and safety standards.

Procedures Thacti-ka

Evidence in real time

Upload photos, documents and other types of evidence directly to the app. This feature not only provides a clear record of work performed but also facilitates real-time monitoring and tracking.

Permiso de Trabajo Firmado

Approval process

Streamline the review and approval process with our integrated system. Work requests can be quickly reviewed and approved by an authorized team, improving operational efficiency.

Work Permit

Detailed management of work personnel

Record who, when and where will do the work. This platform allows detailed personnel management, facilitating efficient planning and compliance with security protocols.

Permiso de trabajo rechazado

Integration and compatibility

Thacti-Ka integrates seamlessly with other business systems and tools, offering a cohesive and efficient user experience.

Thacti-ka Power BI integration

With Thacti-ka, you will not only improve work permit management but also raise safety and efficiency standards in your organization. Get the benefits of this solution.