Quality in your processes

Track your processes in no time. Qualid is the solution that facilitates the implementation, improvement and optimization of your quality system. Allowing you to automate the control of the management system for any standard, especially ISO 9001.

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Qualid allows you to boost process efficiency

We offer a flexible and scalable platform, with a series of pre-configured parameters that will allow you to start using the system in no time.

We can make adaptations or modifications according to business needs. Qualid becomes your ally for the automation of your Quality Management System under any ISO 9001, ISO 45001, ISO 28000, ISO 27001, etc. standards.

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The quality solution for all your needs.

You can schedule a 20-minute demo where we will show the life cycle of a quality management process and the modules involved. If you want to consult something in particular you can also contact us.


Configure your processes and management system indicators, as well as the responsible parties, resources, activities, and non-conformity tracking.


Schedule audits and manage auditors. Through checklists, you can manage identified activities and findings, and also generate reports with conclusions.


Manage your budget through different parameters, such as department, accounting code, products, etc. Import your accounting records and view them on a Power BI dashboard.


Define strategic objectives and easily track them through action plans and individual or collective tasks.


Identify process risks, perform risk assessment, establish causes, and actions for tracking and analysis.

Business Intelligence (BI)

The BI module allows you to analyze documents, audits, non-conformities, indicators, among others, through charts and data cross-referencing.

Frequent questions

How can I start using the platform?

We provide support throughout the project lifecycle, and initially, we offer support for setting up or migrating quality processes. These tasks are delivered as they are completed; we do not wait to have them all, focusing on providing a minimum viable product from the outset.

Can I use only one or more Qualid modules?

You can use the module you need, whether it's budgeting, auditing, among others, and you will only be charged for what you use.

What is the business model to acquire the system?

Option 1: We create an instance exclusively for your organization and take care of server and database management. Option 2: We can install the platform on the client's servers and also manage and perform backup plans. Option 3: It is focused on small businesses or individuals where they can register in the current environment and start using the system.

What happens to my data if I no longer want to continue with the service?

We can share all your information with you, even maintaining an environment available for you to consult at any time.

Is it possible to integrate Qualid with other applications?

Qualid integrates with other applications, currently with integrations to Microsoft 365, Google Suite, and Salesforce. Additionally, Qualid has a service that facilitates integration with more applications.

How secure is Qualid?

Qualid uses industry-standard SSL security for all its work. Your data is hosted in a secure hosting facility, and backups are performed periodically automatically. We work with AWS as a service provider to ensure service stability and continuity.